About the Artist

Carrie was raised in the rolling hills of Idaho where the landscape is forever changing through light, shadow and color. She has a love for the outdoors and travel.  Her jewelry reflects her experience-it’s both diverse and unique in color and texture.

Carrie began designing jewelry 14 years ago while living in Thailand after taking her first lapidary (metal) working class there. While exploring the countryside and neighboring countries, she collected beautiful and unique pendants that she incorporates into her designs.

Each stone not only has its own color, weight and texture but its own magical energy. One of her favorites is Lapis, a cool and calming stone that many consider to have healing properties.

Carrie splits her time between Bangkok and Seattle where she is also a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor specializing in injury and special populations as well as athletic conditioning.
  Her pieces have been shown in Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Idaho, Washington and California and are one of a kind.

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