• Check my Bracelet lengths, I design up to 8 1/2″ .


    • Silver polishing cloths are convenient and a fantastic way to keep your silver shiny and fresh looking.


    • Keep your sterling silver in a dry airless environment such as an airtight plastic bag will help slow down the chemical process (oxidation)   which can result in tarnish or discoloration.


    • Semi-precious stones and pearls can be cleaned with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to avoid build up of perfumes, lotions, oils, dirt and perspiration.


    • I keep my bigger pieces from rubbing together by wrapping them in a piece of tissue or cotton cloth and place them in a ziplock bag.


    • As with all jewelry, try not to wear them in pools and hot tubs, the chlorine will attack the metals and break it down.


    • The more you wear your silver the less it tarnishes!! Wear it and enjoy!


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